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Breath Coaching


In August of 2018, I was inspired to take a Breath session demo being offered by Nevsah Karamehmet here in New York.  For some time before this, I felt compelled to learn more about breathing and the healing that I had often heard was available through breath sessions.  In that first session, I experienced a profound connection and alignment. Through my Theta work, I was very familiar with my direct connection to the Energy of All that Is but through this first breath session I felt a visceral connection to this Source unlike any that I had felt before.  I realized that through breath, there was now a deeper alignment and connection available to me.


Following the demo, I joined Nevsah in her transformative Miracle Course.  My mission following the demo was to achieve what Nevsah described as an open, natural breath.  In the Course, we did two to three full breath sessions each day and I experienced profound processing, shifts and personal evolution.  And my breath was reinstated to its optimal, natural open flow. In that sustained connection that the open breath allows, I watched life shift before my very eyes, I felt incredible and I was completely hooked. I also knew that I had to learn this revolutionary technique to share with others.  I immediately joined Nevsah in her Coaching Certification Program through the Breath Coaching Federation.

And now...

I have completed my 40 session hours required as part of the certification.  My work has developed and deepened and my learning compounds as I continue to assist my clients in transforming their lives by releasing their dysfunctional breathing habits and aligning with high consciousness.  

Addressing the Dysfunction is the Difference

Most types of breath sessions are structured in a very similar way: As a client you will sit or lay comfortably and breathe for a set amount of time through an open mouth.  Inhaling and exhaling through an open mouth for an extended period will flood the system with oxygen and cause your body to become  hypnocapnic.  The state of hypnocapnia can cause light-headedness, tingling in the extremities and other interesting body sensations, but it also connects you to stored tensions, blocks, and emotions and allows you to process and release them from your body and your energetic body.  Whats unique about the work I do as a Breath Coach is that, during the session,  I am focused on addressing any dysfunction I see in the breathing with the goal of teaching the physicality back into the experience of an open natural breath.  Using basic principles of Behavioral Science as I take you into your dysfunction and teach the breath and the body back to a more open natural flow.  I do this with specific touch to the abdomen or the high chest and with affirmations as well.  With this focused coaching, the body learns in each session and soon remembers the full natural open breath that is its birthright.  The most incredible aspect of this, is that once the body remembers and the open breath is attained, the brain stem will memorize this as the "new normal" making the open natural breath sustainable.  

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Sessions and More Information

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More about the Miracle Course at www.nevsah.com

More aout Breath Coaching at www.breathcoachingfederation.org

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