Basic DNA



The Basic ThetaHealing® Seminar is a 3 day transformative journey that introduces the student to ThetaHealing® technique. Julie will impart a very clear and defined structure to address, identify and transform limiting belief patterns. Upon completion of the course, the student will be certified through THInK as a ThetaHealing® practitioner.

During this course, you will learn:

  • A roadmap to connect with the Energy of All That Is
  • The benefits and potentials of the Theta brainwave connection
  • An understanding of how the sub-conscious mind, the conscious mind, habits and behaviors work together and how to access the power of their relationship.
  • To identify the different forms of Intuition inherent to each of us.  We will explore how each individual can immediately access their strengths as well as identify how to develop all forms within our psychic senses.
  • Basics for Intuitive Readings and Healings for Individuals and Groups
  • How to apply the Belief and Feeling Work to uncover deeply held beliefs--for yourself and for others.
  • The philosophy of the ThetaHealing technique, The Seven Planes of Existence.
  • How to connect with your Ancestors and Angels
  • How to efficiently identify, address and clear draining energetic connections and patterns. 
  • How to activate DNA and release genetic patterns for aging.
  • How to manifest clearly and powerfully in order to begin co-creating your life with intention.


Course fee:  $650 (including $150 deposit required to reserve space)

Includes:  ThetaHealing, by Vianna Stibal and a Basic DNA Class Manual

Pre-requisites: None

Certified practitioners can retake the course at a reduced rate of $350


Advanced DNA



The Advanced ThetaHealing® Seminar is a 3 day certification class that deeply expands the practitioners understanding of the technique. The feature of this class is the 1100+ downloads that Julie will offer. You will graduate with confidence in your capacity as a practitioner of the technique, secure in your intuitive growth, your connection with the Energy of All That Is, your abilities in readings and healings as well as a clearer understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence.

During this class you will learn to: 

  • Clear resentment, rejection, and regret
  • Resolve oaths, vows, and obligations
  • Learn the ThetaHealing¬ expansion meditation
  • Clear free-floating memories
  • Heal fetal memory
  • Repair the broken soul
  • Do an ancestor reading
  • Learn how to work on non-organic material
  • Talk to the Higher Self
  • Be introduced to new shortcuts for Belief Work
  • Experience the deeply healing “Heart Song” exercise

Course fee:  $650 (including $150 deposit required to reserve space )

Prerequisite: ThetaHealing Basic DNA

Materials Included: Advanced ThetaHealing book by Vianna Stibal & Advanced DNA Class Manual


Dig Deeper®



The Dig Deeper Certification Seminar is a 2 day course focused on the digging technique employed in Belief Work.

The 8 shortcuts to Digging introduced in the Advanced DNA seminar are intensely explored and practiced. Julie will share her love and expertise in digging through demos featuring each technique, teaching through example and simultaneously providing deep, transformative Belief work on the featured students. The student will graduate this Seminar with a deep understanding and confidence in their ability to efficiently and effectively identify the bottom belief, for themselves and for their clients.

  • Course fee: $500 (including $150 deposit to reserve your space)
  • Includes "Dig Deeper" by Vianna Stibal and the Dig Deeper Official  Manual
  • Pre-requitsites: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA